strato 2 stroke explainedstrato 2 stroke explained

fuel mixture was testedfuel mixture was tested

check on yamaha 2 strokecheck on yamaha 2 stroke

use name brand 2 stroke premixuse name brand 2 stroke premix

two cycle charttwo cycle chart

the leaner mix ignites in thethe leaner mix ignites in the

also on 2 stroke enginesalso on 2 stroke engines

fuel ve table 1  ms2fuel ve table 1 ms2

echo power blend oil   homeecho power blend oil home

two stroke fuel oil mixturetwo stroke fuel oil mixture

diesel fueldiesel fuel

1 cylinder 2 stroke1 cylinder 2 stroke

me and my 2 stroke oil leakme and my 2 stroke oil leak

synthetic 2 cycle oilsynthetic 2 cycle oil

oil fuel mixtureoil fuel mixture

pour the 2 stroke oil into thepour the 2 stroke oil into the

the 2 stroke cyclethe 2 stroke cycle

fuel mixture 2 strokes onlyfuel mixture 2 strokes only

if my engine is a 2 strokeif my engine is a 2 stroke

use this chartuse this chart

i made up a couple of chartsi made up a couple of charts



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