the compression stroke hasthe compression stroke has

compression testing testcompression testing test

refer to the compressionrefer to the compression

than compression strokethan compression stroke

2  remove all spark plugs2 remove all spark plugs

on the compression strokeon the compression stroke

firing order is 1 3 4 2firing order is 1 3 4 2

compression was normal on thecompression was normal on the

second compression testsecond compression test

of compression strokeof compression stroke

can you double check thosecan you double check those

there is no compression strokethere is no compression stroke

compression stroke 2 mmcompression stroke 2 mm

of the compression strokeof the compression stroke

if the wet compression testif the wet compression test

a compression test might nota compression test might not

you can test the sensor itselfyou can test the sensor itself

you can also test leak downyou can also test leak down

you must be within   or   2you must be within or 2

2 turn crankshaft until piston2 turn crankshaft until piston

compression stroke photocompression stroke photo



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