i havent measured exact porti havent measured exact port

a typical valve port timinga typical valve port timing

the above timing diagram isthe above timing diagram is

2  performed their primary2 performed their primary

air flow within cylinder atair flow within cylinder at

the port follows a blindthe port follows a blind

most two strokes use what ismost two strokes use what is

lets discuss two strokelets discuss two stroke

new port map of cylindernew port map of cylinder

heres a port timing diagramheres a port timing diagram

port timing on blowdownport timing on blowdown

2 stroke cylinder mapping   a2 stroke cylinder mapping a

if anyone claims they can portif anyone claims they can port

two stroke tuner handbook bytwo stroke tuner handbook by

so the port timing is notso the port timing is not

cylinder porting takes timecylinder porting takes time

a timing diagram for a twoa timing diagram for a two

re  2 stroke exhaust portre 2 stroke exhaust port

here are the port maps i madehere are the port maps i made

if the cylinder is a big portif the cylinder is a big port

2 stroke port timing tool2 stroke port timing tool



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