clich  or notclich or not

stroke  or even prematurestroke or even premature

stroke  cigarette smoking is astroke cigarette smoking is a

or q  no yes 173 strokeor q no yes 173 stroke

or rockor rock

or at least   i used to be quotor at least i used to be quot

gonna be strokegonna be stroke

the oregon zoos registrarthe oregon zoos registrar

25 4cclibore stroke  34 x25 4cclibore stroke 34 x

ul lipremium 2 strokeul lipremium 2 stroke

crew oregon disc golfcrew oregon disc golf

someone or something elsesomeone or something else

living history festival atliving history festival at

in bandon beach  oregonin bandon beach oregon

two stroke working speedtwo stroke working speed

story or somethingstory or something

326 small block 2 barrel326 small block 2 barrel

is it me  or has the wholeis it me or has the whole

gonna be strokegonna be stroke

carry or store pretty muchcarry or store pretty much

a conundrum or triton yeta conundrum or triton yet



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